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As always in my carrer i’ve been pushed by the needs to solve and specific problem, this time i was just about to upgrade my Fedora 29 to Fedora 30, i’m already late! Then i was to reboot and proceed and then accounted my tmux list-sessions to try to recover them later on. Then it came to me the idea that there should be a sort of “restore my session” support for tmux, and as almost always happens with FOSS, we have a solution and searching the net the way to go.

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Como siempre en mi carrera, ocurre que se presenta la necesidad de resolver un problema específico, en esta ocasión estaba por actualizar mi Fedora 29 a Fedora 30, ya estoy algo retrasado! Estaba por reiniciar y proceder y me acordé de mis sesiones tmux activas y pensaba de si existía alguna manera de recuperarlas. Entonces se ocurrió la idea de que debería existir algún tipo de soporte para “restaurar mi sesión” en tmux y como suele ocurrir muy frecuentemente en el mundo del software libre, encontré solución buscando en la red, descubrí los plugins tmux:

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Briefly, just follow links below for new solved and published Python and Ruby exercises.

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Continuing my quest with my new site, i decided to include recent posts on the main page in order to produce blog posts with recent activity done basically on “pages” area in order to keep content organized and structured so you can benefit and i can keep feeding such topics consistently instead of posting content which looses its value after some time and becames dispersed information.

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My name is Guillermo, i adopted Gomix as my nickname as merge from Linux name and my own lastname, Gómez (taking off the spanish accent to avoid DNS limitations).

Gómez + Linux = Gomix

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